Magic Garden

We have a garden, it is the kind of garden that I let my 4 year old do pretty much whatever she wants in.
I let her plant seeds at the wrong time of year. I let her water whenever she wants to, and I let her pick and eat
any edible plants. You would think the garden would be a mess but actually it is quite nice. We have huge parsley plants, English peas and massive amounts of Broccoli.
We planted some broccoli seeds on a whim in the dead of winter. We do live near Wine Country in Northern California so the winter weather is mild. So, I let her plant the seeds and I never thought that we would have broccoli growing in our somewhat neglected garden. I think I am as excited about it as she is, I ran out for the camera and here is a photo of of our first harvest.
We steamed it and ate it bright green with olive oil and salt, it is delicious. I can't wait until our magic garden sprouts more delicious vegetables.

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