Doof-a-Palooza was Fun-a-Palooza!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for us at the amazing Google campus. 

Toddler Café  and  What's Cooking 
teamed up to create a fun interactive booth at  DOOF

DOOF is a food show for kids with a mission to help fight childhood obesity. We made Happy Trails Mix from my book. The recipe helps kids with fine motor skills and teaches about recycling by using old bags.
Kids and parents cut circles out of brown paper bags.  The circles were then decorated, formed into a cone shape and filled with dried fruit and other healthy snacks.

We also gave away Boon Snack Balls, they were a huge hit. For the give away we put a bunch of healthy play food in a big stockpot and without looking the kids chose one. If they got the marked veggie they won!! We had lots of fun and made tons of noise every time we had a winner.
We handed out a recipe card with a recipe from Toddler Café generously printed by The Vegetable With More a website promoting beans and fiber in the American diet.

A big thank you to our volunteers, Jessica, Drew and Maria and sponsors, Boon and The Vegetable with More.

Stay tuned to see our gang on a cooking segment with  Joey Altman.

Below is a clip from the Show which is due to air sometime this all on PBS.

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