Freaky Friday

Welcome to Freaky Friday. I happen to be the lucky owner of a set of recipe cards from 1973, a lot of recipe cards, and most of them are a bit freaky! I thought I'd share some of my thoughts and possible ways to update these recipes. Some cards are just too far gone and can't be fixed but hopefully, at least I can get you laughing. Now don't be afraid because some of these recipe cards have a good foundation for creative recipe ideas. We have come a long way baby...


Old School

ground beef, raw
lemon juice
egg yolks, raw
sour cream
chili sauce
rye bread

Update Suggestions...

My vote,  let's just pretend we never saw this and move on.

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Pat Churchill said...

You've jogged my memory - I have some old recipe cards lying round in my study, waiting for me to do a nostalgic journey.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Stacey said...

Holy crap, this recipe card is from the Betty Crocker olive/avocado box set, isn't it? I own the whole set!! It was bought at a yard sale and given to me as a birthday gift one year by someone who clearly didn't know what recipe gold she had just purchased. And I agree, there are lots of scary looking recipes in the set. Definitely! :-)