Taste Testing Peanut Butters - Not Just for Kids!

I love peanut butter, maybe it’s that nostalgic icon the pb&j that brings back the memories. Although I was never a fan of the jelly part, I just preferred the sticky nutty spread all alone. A tasting comparison is a great way to get your kids eating foods they may not think about.  Any ingredient can work, whole wheat pasta, jelly, juice, cheese, tortilla chips, anything you can think of. Give each of them a plate with samples of one type of food item, have them taste it, smell it, and look at the color. Discuss or write down the findings and decide by voting which food they like the best.

This particular Peanut Butter tasting was all grown ups from the SFPFS. Our panel ranged from master taster to recipe developers to home cooks. We each had a plate with 11 samples of “oil on the top, natural peanut butter." I can’t say we were very scientific about the tasting, just that we tasted, and then yelled out our opinion across the room. It was a lot of fun, and I’d do it again, even with jelly!

Here’s our sticky conclusion:
8 votes – Trader Joes Organic $2.99
7 votes– Santa Cruz Dark Roast 3.99
6 votes – O Organics (Safeway) 2.50

5 votes - Laura Scudders 3.89
4 votes– Santa Cruz Light Roast 3.99
2 votes– Trader Joes regular 1.79
0 votes - MaraNatha Organic 3.15
0 votes - Adams 3.89
0 votes – 365 (whole foods) 1.69
The no-stir Skippy and MaraNatha products received no votes.

The overall winner was Trader Joe’s Organic at $2.99. The group agreed it had a focused peanut taste with mild salt and a bit of sweetness.

The second choice was Santa Cruz Dark Roast at $3.99, it was the most expensive. We all agreed that the deep peanut color and roasty flavor set it at second place.

The third choice was O Organics 2.50 (Safeway brand) it was considered to have mild flavor and a smooth texture a typical peanut butter.

Sunflower Butter is a great alternative for peanut butter.
There is also a new almond product called Barney Butter go to What's Cooking to read about it.

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Jennifer said...

Yay for peanut butter! Though my choice didn't make it at the top of your list. I'll have to explore and try your top three.

I'm finding myself fascinated the world of butters now; almond butter, soy nut butter, and others. Very interesting the variety that's out there.


Anonymous said...

This was very interesting.
I've always been a Adam's fan. Next time I'm in Vegas I'll stock up @ Trader Joe's.

Do you do other taste testing? I'd be curious about oils (for vinaigrettes, dipping, & cooking)

I'd like to do a chocolate chip tasting. I know what my choice is.

Thanks for all you share.

Kylie said...

Trader Joe's & SC Organic's PB are my top two favorites too! They're the only ones I'll get. Laura Schudders on occasion, but those other two are the bomb.

Anonymous said...

What about Sunbutter made with sunflower seeds? Its healthier

Jennifer Carden said...

Dear anonymous, I totally agree but this was peanut only. I love TJ's sunflower butter in cookies too.