Bird Seed and World Music - CD Giveaway!

Thanks to all my entries...we randomly chose a winner, big congrats to BarefootGypsyGirl.

Putumayo music has been around for a long time and so has Sesame Street now they have combined to create Sesame Street Playground, songs and videos from around the world. This cd is really fun for the kids the music is great. It is world music but with familiar voices and characters. The music still retains the tunes from the show so your little on can recognize it.
The mission on the cd case says:
Sesame Street Playground represents a shared mission of Putumayo Kid and Sesame Workshop: to help children around the world gain an understanding of and respect for other cultures.
I love this statement because it is so important for is to expose our kids to other peoples and cultures of the world. It promotes understanding and compassion in them.
One of my favorite songs on the cd is #5 La Chanson De l’Amitié (the song of friendship)
There are songs in Hebrew, African languages, Spanish, French, Dutch….
If you would like to listen to samples of the songs go here.
For more info go to:
Sesame Workshop
Putumayo Kids

If you want to win this cd just comment on how you think your kids would love it and I will choose a winner using random.org
On Sat 2/14 I will notify them by email so make sure when you comment you leave a link to your blog or some way for me to find you.

And now for the recipe....

Bird Seed (something Big Bird would eat)
A mixture of seeds (as of hemp, millet, and sunflowers) used for feeding caged and wild birds (or kids.)

I was thinking about recipe that could go with this post and I remembered that when we were kids mom used to make “Bird Seed” we’d take a huge bowl to the basement and hangout playing music and spin the bottle!!
I have memories of finding the birdseed in the infamous black couch (yes, only my middle and high school friends will get that reference) I remember a food fight with handfuls of it being tossed all over...lets hope your kids are a bit more behaved than we were!
Anyway our birdseed recipe was kind of unhealthy so I have revised it here for little ones. Enjoy!

Bird Seed Recipe
Really you can add what ever you like, I use whatever I have on hand. You can make it as sweet or as healthy as you want, no rules here.
I like to have the proportions equal but you can quarter the recipe easily.
Mainly it is just fun to tell the little ones that they are eating bird seed! They can pretend to be Big Bird and sit in a nest of blankets eating their bird seed and listening to the music!

1 cup dried currents
1 cup corn flakes or Chex style cereal
1 cup chow mein noodles
1 cup cheerios
1 cup mini chocolate chips
1 cup crisp rice cereal or nutty rice cereal
1 c crushed nuts
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Ice cream cones (optional)

Mix together. Serve in a plain ice cream cone just like at the Zoo!!

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Julie said...

my kids love music and they would love to dance around the house to this music... thanks for the giveaway

ImogenSky said...

We LOVE most of the Putumayo CD's. We have so many. I have NEVER seen this one before. It looks like it would be a total blast!
I'm so happy they joined together to make this CD :)

Sheila said...

I've always strived to raise global children. This CD would just reinforce that. My children love music and what better way to get them interested in different cultures than with introducing them to the music first. Great giveaway.

tryingtobegreener said...

My daughter loves music and points to the ipod speakers when she wants to hear it!

Heidi /Savory Tv said...

Can I enter if it is for my little niece? I'm without kiddos at the moment myself :) The Putumayo music is the best!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Putumayo but I'd love to share it with my little adopted grandbaby.

Anonymous said...

you know how to reach me--don't you? gypsygirl27@gmail.com or twitter :) xo

Anonymous said...

I would love to have something else besides Hannah playing in the kids room! We like listening to all sorts of music from around the world. Thanks for all your great ideas! Love, your sister in law, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Party with Putumayo? Mixing the music? Cooking with Carden? Jumping with Jen? World beat, a winner!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oops, that was me above the party with Putumayo!!!

Kids Music said...

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