Bite Into Summer with a Sweet Activity

As most of you know I usually try to talk about recipes with some nutritional value. Well, let me tell you, summer is here and we are already looking for activities to keep Kidlet busy.  Last week I was out shopping and needed a bag of marshmallows. (yes we do make our own marshmallows but not all the time) I immediately grabbed a bag because of the great shape of the puffs inside. The marshmallows were longer and thinner than the ordinary ones from the store. I was pretty excited and was probably muttering to myself about how cool they were.Of course I brought them home with me, I prominently displayed them in a jar to admire them and show off their great lines. 
The next day Kidlet had a play date and they were looking like they needed something to do so we came up with these pretty gems.
Here is what we did:
Each child got a paper plate and a few marshmallows
We stuck a lollipop stick in each one
I gently melted some chocolate (chocolate is delicate and will burn in the microwave if not watched carefully)
We dipped each stick in the melted chocolate halfway, and then dragged a fork down the sides to create the grooves.

Sprinkle with sour candy powder
This was an attempt to use up something we had laying around
The more healthy choice would be nuts, Pistachios or Peanuts

Place them in the freezer for 5 minutes only to set the chocolate.
We slipped our sticks into the ends of frozen waffle boxes, they stood up just right.

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Anonymous said...

whole lollipops inside or just the paper sticks?
mmm... sugar!

Jennifer Carden said...

Just a stick and the marshmallow, no lollie!

active toddler said...

Yummy ... can't wait to try.
Is it too sweet or not ?

chocolatecup said...

awwww. i wanna gobble those up!:P

Sophie said...

This is such a cute idea, they came out looking really cute too!

Rose said...

I want to come live at your house! That sounds like so much fun! I bet the girls loved doing that!

Jennifer Carden said...

Thanks Rose...we do have fun here!! You can come by any time!!

Toddler Toys said...

Creative idea......I love it.

Playground Observer said...

I made up a bunch of these for a cookout and they were

I bought your Toddler Cafe book a few weeks ago and it is amazing! My two-year-old son is now crazy about beets or ahem "rocks from outer space". I also love that my pantry is full of new spices that I normally wouldn't have thought to buy before.

Thanks for writing such a great and down to earth recipe book catered toward the toddler set!


Christine Medifast said...

Delicious! My kids are complete marshmallow nuts and I hate just handing them a marshmallow, too messy. Such a good idea and I know they'd go crazy for chocolate and marshmallows in one!

Owyn Coupons said...

The best and sweetest activity. My kids and I did this over the weekend and they loved it. The perfect rainy day activity that will brighten up any kids mood.