Pinky Pops-Halloween Fun

Here is a tiny post, it has been a long weekend already, school parties, parades, baking and overall Halloween festivities.
We made these quickly with what we had in the house and they turned out very cute.
To make these:
Use mini hot dogs or Little Smokies
Make three slits for the knuckle and boil until they open up.
Use yellow peppers for the fingernails, make a slit in the hot dog and insert the "nail."
Add ketchup for blood.

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Michelle (What's Cooking) said...

Perfectly icky for Halloween!

Damaris said...

send me a link to your tapioca post, I'd love to see it
damarispalmer at gmail

lovechilde said...

How cute is this? Wish I had seen it before today. I'll have to bookmark this for next year. :-)