Recycling is Good, Valentines Treats Revisited

As most of you know I usually try to talk about recipes with some nutritional value. I recently have been talking about healthy school lunches. Well, Valentines Day is upon us and I look the other way for one afternoon. I originally posted this during summer as an activity to keep Kidlet busy, but I have been swamped and thought I'd recycle it for Valentines Day. So remember it is recycled but still fun and easy and not terribly horrible for you, if you eat just one!

Last week I was out shopping and needed a bag of marshmallows. (yes we do make our own marshmallows but not all the time) I immediately grabbed a bag because of the great shape of the puffs inside. The marshmallows were longer and thinner than the ordinary ones from the store. I was pretty excited and was probably muttering to myself about how cool they were. Of course I brought them home with me, I prominently displayed them in a jar to admire them and show off their great lines. The next day Kidlet had a play date and they were looking like they needed something to do so, we came up with these pretty gems.
Here is what we did:
Each child got a paper plate and a few marshmallows. We stuck a lollipop stick in each marshmallow, then gently melted some chocolate (chocolate is delicate and will burn in the microwave if not watched carefully)
We dipped each marshmallow stick in the melted chocolate halfway, and then dragged a fork down the sides to create the grooves.
Place them in the freezer for 5 minutes only to set the chocolate. We slipped our sticks into the ends of frozen waffle boxes. (The gap on the sides where the flaps are glued together.) they stood up just right.
Sprinkle with sour candy powder, this was an attempt to use up something we had laying around the house.
A more healthy choice would be crushed nuts, pistachios, almonds or peanuts.

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Elaine said...

I made these for my little girls birthday party, and they were such a hit! I'm making more tonight for her Valentine's at preschool tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Where do you buy the sour sugar powder? I have looked but I can't find it anywhere except on gummies (too much sugar).

Jennifer said...

We used sour powder from a candy making kit. Sour powder is made from citric acid and can be found at some candy stores. You can use Pixy Sticks too!

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Amanda said...

I think this is the best flavour for girls. i made these for my babys birth day party cake.
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