Egg Pasta Ribbons Minus The Pasta

(it is very important to make sure you have color coordinated flowers on the table at all times (not really, just coincidence)
This morning my daughter asked if we could have "egg pasta" again soon, how ironic I told her because I was already writing this post! "Great minds think alike" I said!
I think the summer has officially gone, it is starting to get cool and rain here in the San Francisco Bay. I thought I'd share a very easy sunny recipe with you.  As I write this it is very sunny and warm but it wont last.
Nothing annoys me more than when my daughter asks for plain pasta for dinner. I may as well give her the sugar bowl and a spoon! Kids need a little more than plain pasta but sometimes we are in a hurry or just out of ingredients. 
We almost always have eggs in the house, it is our go to meal. We love eggs the good kind, the deep orange yolks from chickens that roam free and have personal groomers (no really I just couldn't resist!) Just get yourself some great eggs, when you make a one ingredient dish that ingredient should be the best it can be.   Eggs are great way to get some nutrition into a kid, but if they are picky or discerning then eggs may turn them off.  Pasta will turn them right back on again, I can guarantee it. If making homemade pasta is not your thing this is the next easiest way to fake it and get them to eat eggs! If they like this recipe it try tossing this with real fettuccine noodles upping the nutrition factor. Add peas and Parmesan for a little more flavor.  Add cooked chicken or shrimp, or roasted carrots and ricotta cheese.

Egg Pasta Ribbons Recipe
The way you get the ribbons is to treat he eggs like a crepe, cooking it as thin as you can. Use a very large pan so the egg spreads very thinly or else you will just end up with an omelet.
Serves one

2 eggs
Pinch salt
1 Tbs olive oil or butter

Crack the eggs into a bowl scramble very well.
Heat a large 8 or 10 inch non-stick pan on medium add oil or butter coating pan thoroughly.
Add egg and swirl immediately coating the whole pan. Cook on medium for about 30 seconds to one minute until cooked through. Pour out into a plate or cutting board. Roll the egg into a tight roll and cut 1/4 inch slices with a knife. They will be rolled up like little spirals, put on a plate, toss to unravel and serve!

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ApplePie said...

Another great recipe!

Anonymous said...

Great in soups. Naomi B

Jennifer Carden said...

Thanks Naomi B- That is a great idea, you could do a chicken soup and add the egg "noodles!"

Em H. said...

Wow. That cake looks amazing!!