Squeaky Clean

How are you going to get the ketchup off the celling, unfortunately that is your problem. After  your kids help you prepare a meal have them help clean up too.  It is no news to you that your kids make messes, but getting them to stick around to help clean up can be a challenge.

Here are just a few ideas for cleaning up with your kids.

Given the right circumstances kids can enjoy cleaning up after a meal. First remove the hardened on beans from your child's face, roll up their sleeve's and dig in.  Make it fun, add lots of bubbles, make the water just right and let them scrub.  Get small scrub brushes or toothbrushes that are easy to use. Use all natural soap for little hands like Mrs Meyers Lemon Verbena Dish Soap. Organize the area with a place to put drying dishes and don't overwhelm.  Just give them a few dishes at first and make sure to scrape all the icky food off. 
Clean up with them, make lots of bubbles and have a good laugh.

Here is a song you can use for the little ones to motivate cleaning and helping:
Everybody, Everywhere!
Everybody do your share!

I love this cute little set of brooms and mops too.  Searching Montessori Supply websites can give you lots of ideas for clean up tools for little hands.

I think you all know by now I love Boon products and the The Frog Pod is no exception. Get kids in the habit of putting away bath toys with this great frog.

Cleaning does not have to be torture for kids, 
teach them early that helping can be rewarding and 
fun. Now go make a mess!!

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