Yes, Beans for Thanksgiving!

About 6 months ago I was asked by The Vegetable with More to create some recipes for Thanksgiving and give people new ideas on how to work with beans. They wanted a stuffing recipe that would be somewhat traditional but also include beans. Here is what I came up with, Cranberry Rice and Bean Stuffing.

The second recipe was to include something green to replace that old standard, green bean casserole. I also thought why not change up the mashed potatoes for gnocchi?
Here is what I came up with,
Gnocchi with White Beans and Pesto

It is said that the Pilgrims didn't have most of the foods we now eat on Thanksgiving such as, sugary pies and an abundance of fruit and vegetables, so why not add beans to your table?

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I have to laugh. Just this afternoon, I was talking to my 10-year old about gnocci. I recently purchased a yummy gnocci w/ wild mushroom side dish from a local farm in my area (Wilson Farms of Lexington, MA) and my son loved it. Your recipe, w/ the addition of beans, looks delish. I will definitely make it for my family.