"I Can Make Can Cakes, Can You?"

I never thought I would, really I didn't. Should I tell you?  OK, while browsing the isles of Whole Foods as I do (really it is for work I just have to spend long hours wandering around the grocery store.) How do you think I get most of my ideas?  Mostly I just walk around in a daze while my brain and eyes take in the plethora of ingredients.
I saw a new product called Batter Blaster, at first I walked on by ignoring it's draw.  It's shiny yellow label, it's tall canister filled with pre- mixed organic pancake batter. My better half knows this is over packaged and that mixing up pancake batter takes all of about... 3 minutes. But on the other hand we are planning to go camping and a spray batter would be so easy!   See where I am going here I really wanted it, and I bought it, and....the family loves it.
I don't think I'd buy it all the time, but for once in a while convince food, I can see it. I do love the idea that kidlet wants to make her own breakfast and with this and some supervision she can. She has named them Can Cakes, I can't decide if that is cute or scary, as long as she knows where the ingredients came from I am OK!
It really is the perfect camping breakfast, you only need a pan, some butter and a spatula to make them.  It would be so great if they could come out with a Gluten Free version so mommy can enjoy them too.

These are very easy to make
The batter tastes really good, not overly sweet
The cap and bottle are recyclable
The ingredients are all organic
You can draw cute shapes with it
It makes waffles too
The price is right @ 3.99 for 28 pancakes

A bit over packaged
Cakes are pretty light, very airy and less hearty than other cakes.
I have to go to Whole Foods or Costco to get them.

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Jen Savage Luu said...

I am kind of in love with the idea. For camping.

Rose said...

Yeah! What Jen said... for, ah, camping! Which we never do, so I might have to you know, sacrifice, and get some for regular old Sunday breakfast. ;-)
They'd actually be really fun for making pancake letters which my almost 4yo would dig.