Make it Pretty for Earth Day + Kids Konserve Giveaway

I buy plates and cute cups like some people buy shoes! (OK, I buy shoes like that too) My husband and I do many food shoots and I am always on the hunt for new props. I can’t keep my hands off  those cute playful serving vessels, I do try to buy recyclable items as much as possible. My cupboards are busting (to my husband's dismay) with stacked colorful plates, bowls, napkins and even the occasional coconut shell or bamboo plate.  But in real life I try to reuse as many containers as I can.  I like fun food and so do kids, they love to imagine and play and it doesn't stop at mealtime.  If you are trying to get your kids to eat healthier, it can be a frustrating challenge. Starting with snacks can ease the pain, get them eating better in small doses. Once the snacks are more wholesome then you can work on mealtime. Kids are much more likely to be interested in a fun presentation of a food even if they may not have been a fan of it in the past.  Any change for kids can be tough but making it fun can make a world of difference. You can get your kids to make a world of difference by re using containers you already have. Reusing containers in a great way to stay conscious about how much trash we are tossing. Ditch the paper plates and cups and please do away with plastic forks and spoons. If you need some good ideas for no waste lunches click here
I have a great giveaway, this super reusable lunch bag and containers from Kids Konserve!! Read below to find out how to enter.

  • ·      Take everyday foods and cut them in new ways. Instead of giving a granola bar in the wrapper, unwrap it and cut it lengthwise for something different.
  • ·      Serve salad in a cup, stand up the baby Romaine leaves and cut everything in sticks
  • ·      Slice quiche in small triangles and insert fun playful toothpicks for eating. 
  • ·      Use an ice cream scoop for rice, or even veggie lasagna!  

Make it different, change it up and think out of the box. Snack time is a fun time to try new food ideas, it fast and uncomplicated. Moving to healthier foods at snack time can be tough, so put the emphasis on adding new foods not on taking away foods. Start with fruit to replace sugary bars and nuts to replace chips.  Keep the crunch, kids love crunch it is very satisfying.  Try fun snacks you may have not noticed in the store before, check the natural section.  Have fun and look around the house for new ways to serve up snacks to your kids.

See what you have in your cabinet to serve in and see what kind of healthy snacks can go in to them in fun exciting ways. Have your kids help find containers to hold the snacks.


   Clean votive candle holders
   Shot glasses
   Mason jars
   Use clean-take out containers
   Wrap snacks in parchment paper  and tie with a bow
   Cut a circle from a paper bag and make a cone shape for holding snacks
   Make a boat shape from aluminum foil
   Small Tupperware containers, are good for serving
   Large deep lids are good to serve in too
   Use doilies left over from Valentine's Day
   Cut wrapping paper in to squares for a makeshift place mat

Our winner is The Family Chef!

To win the Kids Konserve Lunch bag:
Tell me what creative ideas you have come up with for your children's lunches or what you thought of while reading this post?

Follow my blog or or join me on  The Toddler Cafe Facebook page but leave a comment here telling me you did!  
I will do a drawing on Saturday April 30th at 12:00 PM using Random.org you will receive your gift within three weeks.
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Domestic Diva said...

My little one loves sliced apples with peanut butter to dip them in. He also loves flax crackers smeared with avocado. Both healthy options that are fun to eat.

Domestic Diva said...

oh, and I follow on gfc

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Katrina said...

For my daughter's lunch box I will use cookie cutters to make her sandwich cute shapes and I use tiny cookie cutters to design the cheeses and such.
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Steph said...

My son like sliced cucumbers lengthwise then secured with a toothpick (sometimes with cream-cheese) - come to think of it anything with toothpicks is a winner.

The Family Chef said...

I found that I was giving my kids lots of starchy stuff when I wasn't paying attention: a sandwich with bread, pretzels, a cereal bar, puffed snap peas...it's easy to do. Now I consciously look at what is in their lunch and will give them apples instead of crackers. Sure, the crackers are easier but it just takes 30 more seconds to cut the apple. Balance is key. I also use brown wax bags instead of plastic, when a reusable container doesn't fit.
amy (at) amythefamilychef (dot) com

TODDLERS said...

my child is very picky with his foods, but glad he likes veges and fruitsch