Our Whole Family Reviews The Whole Family Cookbook

My husband and I have been supporting Michelle since she told me she wanted to do a book. She has been so super supportive of me and all my projects so now it is her turn to soak it in. It finally happened a book was born and we got to be a big part of the making of it! Matthew photographed and I styled the recipes and we had a great time doing it. When you get two Jewish girls who love food together how can you NOT have a good time?  

I wanted to do a review of this book but since it is really for kids we decided our daughter would do a great job.
Claire decided on the Baked Apple Puff recipe because she loves apples and most of it was at her skill level. You could have it for breakfast for breakfast dessert, which is what we did. You have to have breakfast dessert on Sunday, it's law.  It would be delicious along with some pork chops and a salad for dinner too.
In the book each task is notated with a color code to make sure the task is age appropriate, we loved this feature.  We also loved how the book was easy to read and had lots of hints and eco tips.
We shot this video very off the cuff on a Sunday morning and Claire is quite taken with seeing herself in the camera.  (notice staring child) You may notice the video is a bit long, that is due to my lack of video editing skills, I know know that there is a learning curve!!  Watch our video to the end because there are some dancing monkeys you won't want to miss.  Next we are going to make the Nutella Lace Cookies, but not for breakfast or even breakfast dessert!
Enjoy our video review and leave a comment answering my question below to win a copy of The Whole Family Cookbook! 
What are your children's favorite tasks to do your kitchen?
Follow my blog or leave a comment here to win The Whole family Cookbook for your family.
I will do a drawing on Saturday April 16th at 12:00 PM using Random.org you will receive your book within three weeks.
Please make sure your profile is public or leave your email address in your comment or I won't be able to find you!!
Now the disclaimer...I didn't clean up for you all, yes I invited you in to my house and did not tidy up!
Avert your eyes from the mess I totally forgot that you would be seeing all the parts of my kitchen. (oops)

Winner is:

Krista said...

hah! great video. this cookbook looks great, we would love to have a resource like this around!


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Natalie said...

My girls love to crack eggs. They do a pretty good job given the fact that they're 2 1/2 and almost 4. :) Thanks for a chance to win. The cookbook looks great!

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids) said...

Love your dancing monkeys - I am proud to know them :-) Thanks for such a fun video...and for making the book SO pretty. I love you guys and am grateful for your support! xoxoxox Michelle

Michelle said...

My daughter loves the salad spinner and any kind of measuring/pouring. The book looks great and the pictures are beautiful! Email is mbgoetzl at gmail

Krista said...

hah! great video. this cookbook looks great, we would love to have a resource like this around!


Kris Baines said...

Claire is a fierce whisker. I think I need to get that cookbook so our whole family can enjoy it together!

stacief said...

This looks like a great cookbook! both my boys love to help in the kitchen (I really need more space). They like to do everything from crack eggs to whisk, but i think their favorite is to taste!

barbra said...

this video made me miss you too much. maybe i'll have to make an apple puff. good job to claire and her dancing monkey.

Genevieve Llerena said...

My daughter loves to roll out pizza dough. Flour goes everywhere but we have a lot of fun. She's always proud of her dough. I'm looking forward to finding the cookbook locally.

Jenn Sheridan said...

Wonderful! Aidan loves to pretend cook -- can't wait to see him in action in the "real" kitchen! :)