Epic Cake Decorating Day

Beanstalk Stump Cake
Our school has a fair every October, but because we just joined the school last January we have never been to the feté.  One of the requirement for every class is to bake a cake for the cake walk.  There is also a friendly competition for the snazziest cake, so naturally I wanted to enter.  I immediately started thinking of something to make and as usual my mind was blank. I usually don't have a clue what I will make but I got lucky here. Our class booth is the "sleeping giant," you know the Jack and the Bean Stalk story.  I figured I'd make a beanstalk themed cake, the ax was an afterthought but my favorite part!!  

My eight year old wanted to make a cake too she went with the draw bridge theme, I love her cake! She made a sitting night at rest with his helmet off hanging out by the river.
We worked, mostly in silence sharing tools, ideas for hours. 
 What a treat to be able to sit with my daughter and craft something that we are both totally absorbed in.  Who knows if either of our cakes will win a prize but I know someone lucky cake walk winner will be taking them home for sure!
Claire's drawbridge and Knight cake

Claire took first place in her division!!!
I won nothing.....

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Lise said...

OMG, that is aaaaamaaaazing! I have serious jealousy and feelings of inferiority occurring now. Check out my post from yesterday and you'll see exactly why: http://howtobeadomesticdisgrace.blogspot.com/2011/10/30-second-mummy-failing-of-week.html

*goes off to throw self off a building*

Jennifer Carden said...

Lise- you made my day, I love your post!!! Honesty in blogging can be really funny!! Don't worry i bet you have mad sills in other areas;) I can't do math so there!!!

Jones Morris said...

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