Zojirushi's Umami® Micom Rice Cooker GIVEAWAY

The winner is....Serena Victoria
Zojirushi's Umami® Micom Rice Cooker 5.5 cup (you only win one)
I am so glad that you can't see my office, it's really cute but you'd never know it because it is almost always filled with boxes! The boxes are full of good stuff though, great products people send me to review and give away. This is where you come in, you as reader could be you as winner! I always have something to give away and this time it's pretty amazing.

One of the appliances I can't do without in my kitchen is my rice cooker. When I was at the ABC Baby and Kid show last year the people at Zojirushi were so kind to send me two machines!  I am a multitasker and for some reason can't be trusted to make rice stove top. I ALWAYS burn it, yes even trained chefs burn stuff. Once I experienced one of these rice cookers I couldn't dream of going back to burnt rice. This is by far the best my favorite appliance, well, I love my coffee grinder too but that is for another time. The Zojirushi Micom Cooker has a timer so all you do is add the rice and water, set it for the time you want it to be done cooking (a great feature) and press a button. This machine is so smart, it's like a PC that just happens to cook food.  Truth be told this is not only cute, portable and perfect every time but it plays the cutest little tunes. Yes it plays music...when set, it plays Twinkle Twinkle and when the rice is done it plays another tune but no one seems to know what that tune that is. For about 15 minutes I made it my mission to find out but came up short, let me know if you know what the little song is.

My daughter says that I love this machine too much, "it's just not right you shouldn't hug a machine mama!" The retractable cord is great and it has a handle so you can take it with you, just strap it in to the front seat!  Not because you don't want to be parted from it, but for bringing warm food to a potluck or dinner party.  The warm setting is great, my rice stays warm and doesn't over cook.  It even has a battery which means you can unplug it when not in use and it keeps track of time.

You can make porridge or congee, a thick rice soup popular as a breakfast in some Asian countries. I have not made soups but you can make pretty much anything in it, it even slow cooks.Tapioca works well but we use it for steel cut oats. If you add the oats and water the night before it will be done in time for breakfast! Now that's an easy healthy breakfast, add fruit and you can't go wrong.

The one I own is the 3 cup perfect for our small family, don't think I haven't thought of opening the 5.5 cup that's been in my office! I have will power, not much but I have some. I kept it perfectly preserved for my winner, it's brand new and ready to be shipped. [Rice cooker stats below]

I thought I'd also add a great new cookbook to the giveaway from Michelle Stern.

Her new book is called the Whole Family Cookbook and is available on Amazon.   I am a bit biased since I food styled the book and my husband Matthew shot the photos. It is a great book because all the steps in the recipes are broken down into age appropriate tasks making it easy for all ages. Her Purple Rice recipe will work really well in your new rice cooker!! So have fun with your new rice cooker and cookbook. Rules for entry are below.

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Rice Cooker stats:
The Umami® Micom Rice Cooker Warmer comes with Zojirushi's exclusive Umami setting that soaks and steams the rice longer for enhanced flavor. It also has a Slow Cook function that allows the rice cooker to work like a slow cooker.
  • Micro computerized Fuzzy logic technology
  • Zojirushi's exclusive Umami setting soaks and steams rice longer for enhanced flavor
  • Versatile slow cook function to cook soups and other menus
  • Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle
  • Spherical inner cooking pan and heating system
  • Delay timer (2 settings)
  • Menu settings include: white, umami, mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free, quick cooking and slow cook
  • cETLus listed
Model No.
5.5 cups / 1.0 liter
Dimensions (W x D x H)
10-1/8 x 15 x 9-1/4
Electrical Rating
120 volts / 610 watts
Pearl White

Model No.
10 cups / 1.8 liters
Dimensions (W x D x H)
11 x 16 x 10-5/8
Electrical Rating
120 volts / 820 watts
Pearl White

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Jennifer said...

We love to add tomato sauce to our rice when we have Mexican food. I also love stir fry and always make rice to go with our meat and veggie stir fry.

Michelle E. said...

When the kids are sick we add a little butter and sugar to the rice. I had it as a kid when I was sick and it always seems to make us feel better:) But our go to meal is chicken and rice. Thanks! mescobarrr@gmail.com

Jenn Sheridan said...

Aidan's favorite food is black beans and rice. He's going through a "monochrome" phase, so we serve a few things separately and then mix them at the table. I'm especially into cilantro garnish these days!

Jenn M. said...

Just found your blog. What a great sight! We love Mexican rice, with black beans, onions, peppers, etc...even my three-year-old will eat any vegetables in this dish!

Jenn Sheridan said...

Forgot to leave my email - sry for double posting! jennsheridan@gmail.com

Kristen W said...

I love to make rice pudding for breakfast. My rice pudding is just regular rice warmed with milk, dried fruit, nuts, maybe some cinnamon or sugar or whatever I come up with. Yum!


stacief said...

My son loves fried rice with lots of egg and peas. (he'll pick out any stray green beans that make there way in)

Mandy said...

Grew up with buttered and salted rice. Now I add salsa, corn, and black beans.

mreid14 at hotmail dot com

Mandy said...

I liked you on FB.

mreid14 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

This would be perfect! I've been wanting a rice cooker for a while now and Zojirushi makes great products!!!

Brooke said...

I subscribed to your email updates and we love to add some coconut cream and a can of mandarin oranges to our rice. It is AWESOME! Try it!

SerenaVictoria said...

I love rice with fried SPAM and fried eggs. Sounds strange but of so good. The yolk mixed with the rice is just heaven. I also add rice to Miso soup. Delicious. My 2 year old son loves both dishes.

SerenaVictoria said...

Oops.... serenavictoria@gmail.com forgot to add it... Sorry.

Snug said...

I'm Asian, so we eat A LOT of rice, it's a staple in our household and sometimes eat it even for breakfast. But we love rice and beans / dirty rice, and also buttered rice, and rice pilaf.

Snug said...

I liked you on FB!


Sharon said...

I subscribed to your email updates. In our family and culture (Cajun) we eat rice 5-6 times a week...in gumbos, etouffe, dressing ...and my favorite is with jambalaya.

Sharon said...

I shared on my facebook wall https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=110517429060982&id=100001156831237

Sharon said...

I tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/rusthawk/status/132049814581035008

BrandyAnderson said...

I just subscribed to your email! :) I love to add tomato and onions in my rice!


wendi said...

never burning the rice - that sounds nice!
we all like to add our own toppings to our rice filled burritos, we love curry-cauliflower-chickpea on top of our rice & "honey" sauce - really just a garlic ginger stir fry that they are more inclined to eat if it's got the word honey in the name.
thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

txterrisweeps said...

Oh how we miss TexMex rice since we moved away. Time to learn to make my own. We love chicken fried rice too. Thanks! txterrisweeps /at /gmail.com

Shelley K. said...

My super-picky kid could live off brown rice with butter and salt or bits of chicken in it. Lately I have been baking it, then freezing it. It thaws so nicely!

Jacqui said...

I just subscribed by email to your blog.

I love cooking my rice with coconut milk, a bit of grated ginger, and adding a squirt of lime at the end, with a bit of zest.

Jacqui said...

I shared your giveaway on Facebook.

Jackie said...

We love meatballs with rice (porcupine meatballs) and our family loves simple chicken and rice dishes.

I subscribe to your e-mail updates.

salsa jackie at yahoo dot com

kathryn Rue said...

A rice cooker has been a staple appliance in our home for over 30 years when we were first introduced to sushi. Our kids didn't know rice could be cooked any other way! I would love to try out this amazing machine and give my old rice cooker to one of my daughters.

Kathryn Rue said...

Hi, just shared on facebook your rice cooker giveaway! I also forgot to tell our favorite add-ins to rice. I always make a full batch, 4 cups or more, so we have left over rice for the week. Our favorit way to use it is to make "Mexican Rice" by frying it with a little oil, adding in my homemade salsa, and a bit of salt. This time of year I add rice to soups at serving time so the rice doesn't get too soggy.

Chef Jen said...

Serena Victoria is the winner. Congrats to you I hope you love your new rice cooker!! Please contact us, Serena!

Reynalo Rivas said...

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