Eating Your Veggies

Cute Little video for kids who may not be hip to eating their veggies!! Start the New Year off right, get some veggies and sing!

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DJ Rankin said...

I worked on the crew that made this video, we had a lot of fun making it and we're glad that it made it onto The Toddler Cafe, and you better believe that we ate or veggies that day!
Thanks, DJ with DeegCo

Jennifer Carden said...

DJ that is too cool! I have been on lots of shoots and I know how much food you had off set...move over craft services the veggies are in town!

Enrichment Class for Kids said...

OMgosh, thats really a catchy and cute little video you got that, great job on it too DJ Rankin :)

Jennings said...

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